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The Little Black Bead Company
Jane and her daughter Zoe started The Little Black Bead Company in 2002.

Jane started making jewellery in 1988 inspired by scientific shapes.Sales in science visitor centres led to an appearance on the Clothes Show Programme and sales through the Science Museum Catalogue, then being asked to display in many galleries and Visitor Centres.

Janes' background is a degree in psychology and history. After jobs in public relations, marketing and computers(where she was very lucky to meet husband Wal!) she went to Australia and had son Sam (probably the best known member of the family- see .She returned from Australia and had daughter Zoe in St Bees. A few years later Jane started to manage Lowes Court Galley, the local gallery and information centre, until jewellery making became full time.

When Zoe graduated with a degree in furniture and product design we decided to pool our resouces and start the Little Black Bead Company.

While she was a student Zoe worked for Ikea and Lancome and as a hostess on cruise ships as well as making jewellery in the holidays so had acquired many business and design skills. We have never looked back! We keep up to date with current trends by reading widely and visiting large cities to see what is going on.

People often ask us how we get our ideas. We have a vast selection of beads and a lot of imagination. If something doesn't materialise, a glass of wine, a pooling of ideas, and knowing what will sell through experience, helps. We also have a fantastic collection of outlets and customers who are all useful with their feedback.